About Me

Hi, I'm Adam. I'm a writer and creative developer. Thanks for stopping by my website!

šŸŽ® Games

I'm obsessed with games and narrative. Here are a few public pieces of interactive text that I've written.

šŸŖ A Conversation With A Stranger

šŸŒ‹ aŹ»Ä

šŸŒ² Rootstock

šŸ”« Warfare

šŸŒŒ An Interactive Review of Outer Wilds

šŸ“š Books

I also write non-interactive fiction, and have self-published multiple novels, novellas, and short stories.

šŸ§  Read Me (Paperback / Kindle) / ā³ Read Me Too (Paperback / Kindle)

šŸš€ The Short Version (Paperback / Kindle)

šŸ›°ļø The Demons In The Space Between (Kindle)

šŸ‘» Somewhere Darker (Kindle)

šŸ The Living Hive (Kindle)

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» Development

I'm currently working with Etch Play on creative marketing for games.

šŸ“£ Other Stuff

My Mental Health podcast: šŸŽ§ Burdens on iTunes / ā˜ļø Burdens on Soundcloud

šŸ¤– BBC Radio 1 Robot Apocalypse

šŸŒ³ Grootstrap: A Marvel-inspired web framework

šŸ‘‹ Say hi

šŸ“Ø Mail me or šŸ¦ Tweet me

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